Monday, November 20, 2006


That's what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks.

No...not shingling my roof.

I've had shingles.


Have you ever heard of that? How seriously dumb.

I did get lots of vicodin, however. Oh, and I've lost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I've pretty much just been laying around on the couch letting everybody wait on my hand and foot due to the nausea, dizziness, and general extreme pain my eye. One day, I even had to have Zoe (6 years old) tuck in Quentin (4 years old) for his nap because I just couldn't make it up the stairs. It was pretty sweet, actually.

No, I did not take pictures. Sorry, you'll just have to imagine. I'm still a little sensitive to light and tired as all get out, but otherwise on the mend.

Back to the hunting project. Maybe I'll actually get that done one of these days.


Leisel said...

My daughter had shingles a few years ago. I think she was 4 at the time. All the docs had to come and see because they'd never seen a case in someone so young. Luckily, hers was mostly on her neck... not her eye. I can't even imagine. YIKES!

- Leisel

Alisa_Benay said...

Hey leisel!! Long time no see! Yeah, the shingles just suck. Right now I guess they aren't 100% gone and I have to take a "nerve pill" for the next 6 months to, among other things, help it not come back.

The problem with it in your eye is that there's a risk of losing your eye sight. Really. That's just what I need!

What ever happened to KOA? I had a friend that started her own knit meetup thing out in black forest. she had known about you guys, but said you dropped off the radar.

I'll have a post in a couple of days about my ACTUAL FINISHED SWEATER!!! yaeh, me!