Thursday, June 08, 2006


Simplicity pattern company called me this morning from New York. I'm a finalist in the American Sewing Guild contest. Cool beans.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Arika's sarong, part 3 (the fabric never lies)

These are the pictures of Arikas sarong at our final fitting. Oddly, I don't think you can get a real accurate feel for this outfit from these pictures. I had pinned up the back as best as possible without having anything to pin it to, but I think it slipped a little before we took the shots.

In the first picture, the only difference is that there will be a bit more midrif showing. In the second picture, the excess fabric hanging was cut off and a fake knot was sewn on.

Arika called me after taking home the finished outfit and said that the top is slightly too tight on the blue layer. I know exactly what happened. The top is cut on the bias, as when working with the bias, goofy things happen. This dress was completely draped, no pattern used at all. When I pinned up the place to cut off in the back (seen in the second picture), I just took my scissors and cut about an inch from the vertical lines of pins to allow for seam allowance. When I laid both layers out flat to inspect the shape, there was a small piece that jutted out at the top. I assumed that I had cut in error and somehow missed this piece (I wish I was able to sketch in this program to show you better). Anyway, apparently this piece was needed.

As my instructor Helen Joseph-Armstrong would tell you, always trust the fabric, it never lies.