Monday, March 05, 2007


Anybody want to know what 2 1/2 straight months of pattern making looks like?

Notice Booba peering over the work. You have booba in your workroom, too, right?

So anyway, my camo project went out the door today. I meant to count the pattern pieces, but forgot. Or well, just got busy washing puke out of bed sheets last night. I do remember that we got the UNLINED jacket down from 32 pieces to 26 pieces. As soon as her website is up, I'll post a link.

I feel like throwing a party. Because, really, I need tequilla & it's just not cool to go on a tequilla bash on your own. You should come over. I've got puking kids to keep us company.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. This month you'll meet:

*Lauren: my oh-so-precious little earth-mama
*Carrie: on the lace hunt, we'll find it Carrie, hang in there!
*Cheryl: mother of the bride who hired me even though I think she had to move a basket of Kevin's dirty underwear off the sink in the bathroom during initial consult (note to self, um...clean up a little better next time you know a client's coming over!)
*Iris: wedding with a latin flair
*Rachael: the artist & my personal favorite dress design this spring

I think I'll also post some tutorials of a sort on pattern pratices & tools. I'm teaching at Textile-O-Phile this month & keep getting questions about why I do certain things & where I get all my equipment/tools, etc. Sometimes I really feel like I've got one foot in both worlds. (home sewing/design). This past weekend I went on a sewing retreat with the Denver PACC chapter & met some really inspiring women. I'll post more on that later.

So stay tooned, folks!