Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Snip, Snip, Snip

Cut today: (pictures of all garments to follow in later posts)

*Holly's dress: organza layer of satin, full '50's style cocktail dress, to be finished before Sept.23
*Sylvia's nightgown: very simple gown for a dear (60?70? year old) lady who called me up and asked if I could make her a gown from a pattern she's been using for over 25 years. The lady who originally made the pattern and all the other gowns just passed away and Sylvia needs a new seamstress. Who could pass that up?
*Kelley's pattern: Kelley is my favorite person. She babysat for me all summer for no cash on the agreement that I would make her custom fitted shirts. I trade hour for hour and owe her right now about 21 hours of shirt making. We've just knocked out the last kinks on the muslin and are ready to go to production.
*Brooke: under layer for bridal gown to be finished by this Sunday. Got the whole thing made and you can see her corset layer through the top. The corset is white and the gown is cream. I'm adding a white underskirt to even out the color.
*CBD: skirt, jacket, top, hat, and purse I'm making to list on the Custom By Design section of EBay to see how well I might do with some of those projects.

Whew, my hands hurt from all that cutting. Now to get to sewing, this will be a busy month getting projects out on deadline.