Monday, November 27, 2006

on the mend

My eye, henceforth known as "stupideye", is somewhat on the mend. So back to regular life I go! My eye dr. says that he's never heard of someone my age having shingles in the eye. I always was the trend setter!

Rumer has it I'm not sewing much lately. At least that's what I've heard. I did decide to "do a little straitening up" in my studio before I get started with all the camo. Didn't want the camo to have little bits of dupioni and beads, etc. stuck to it. Well, "a little bit of straitening up" turned into... I decided to re-arrange the entire room. I would attach pictures, but it would make you wince! It's not pretty.

In the interest of sewing vicariously, here's some of the blogs I seem to keep going back to:

Behind the seams I have serious machine envy of Gigi!
Hooks and needles Love her sense of personal style, makes me think about wearing something other than jeans!
KayBee's unique blog
Pins and needles
The sewing divas

and then, really who's day wouldn't be complete without The fashion incubator?

I've probably got about 25 other blogs in my folder, but don't visit them as often. These are the ones that make me wish I'd have thought seriously about having children in my teenage years instead of waiting until my late 20's. Really, if I didn't spend so much time wiping butts, I might could sew like these gals, too!

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