Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My house exploded, and other interesting 'tails

That's the theory I'm going with. (that the house exploded)

This is a current picture of my "dining" room. We don't "dine". So it's really a catch-all room: computer, bookshelves, piano, etc. ...Except right now it's holding mounds and stacks and piles of all the stuff I'm trying to sell on ebay. Want some fleece? go on over to Ebay my user id is alisabenay. This is all that remains of my line of fleece art-t0-wear that I tried my hand at last year. Cute stuff, but I just couldn't go to the trade shows to sell it with 3 little kids and I missed working on my bridal wear.

Anyway, there won't be much to blog about sewing wise in the coming weeks. December and January will be devoted to working on the hunting wear project and b/c it's propietary, I won't be posting any public pictures. Also, I'll be selling off all things not nailed down on Ebay!

This is the other 'tails of interest. Ponytails that is. It was for "crazy hair day" at my daughter's school.

Oh, and one last thing. DH (on the right) just interviewed Afif Safieh, the Palestinian Ambassador a few weeks ago. You can read about it here.

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