Sunday, January 07, 2007

The line

For those of you that saw me on CNN, FOX NEWS, THE WEATHER CHANNEL, and the local Colorado Springs station being interviewed about the line at Denver International Airport (in which I was standing) it is:

I tried to draw arrows with photosuite, but it came out as a .dmsp file and blogger wouldn't upload it. That's the end of my technical expertise.

It actually starts somewhere unknown out in the west terminal (DIA has two terminals, each with maybe 2 dozen airline counters). We were lucky enough to arrive before it headed out in that direction.

What you see down below is the TSA line snaking it's way towards the checkpoint.
It crosses the bridge between the 2 terminals out in the plaza here. Between these two poles is where I was interviewed.
Then it comes down this side of the plaza (the back side of the east terminal)
Then it heads up this hallway and takes a right at the clarinet player.


I just said that.

There was a clarinet player hooked up to loud speakers... to help calm nerves, I guess.

It takes a right up ahead and goes to the actual line in the ropes after this, but things started to move quickly at that point and I was too busy trying to listen to instructions and heard my 3 kids to take pictures.

I can't believe we made it through that and past the TSA checkpoint and made our flight in plenty of time. We arrived 3 hours early so that Kevin would have enough time to make it back to the Springs before the storm hit. We made one of the last flights out before they started shutting down (12/28/06, the 2nd blizzard, not the first).


Mary Beth said...

Wow! I am sorry I missed seeing you and ditto sorry you had to survive this mess. I recommend moving to but then you can't use any JavaScript if that's important to you. If it is, (there are workarounds I'm told) then is the way to go. I wish I could comment using my WordPress account ID.

Diane said...

Flying in and out of DIA is tricky with this crazy weather. Just took a quick trip to Oregon and landed at the tail end of storm #3. Number 4 gets in here Thursday. Highs in the single digits. I'll be hanging out with my fabric.

Teli said...

You write very well.