Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The perfect glove... An actual sewing related post. Hold the applause, please!

I found the perfect pair of gloves. I used to own the perfect pair of gloves, but I lost one of them at a MOPS meeting (yet another thing to add to my list of why I quit MOPS). The perfect pair of gloves just lacks a little something when there is only one.

I found these at Dillards the other day.
I love Dillards beyond words. My personal theory is that it has something to do with the smell. (I say this because in reality, I don't actually buy that much there) Do you know the smell I mean? Every single Dillards on the planet smells exactly the same and they rig those silly swinging doors to work somehow that the smell just hits you full force right in the sniffer the minute you open them. I grew up shopping at the Dillards flagship store in Little Rock. I lived about 1/2 hour north of Little Rock in a town that didn't have any real department stores to speak of (well, there was JCPenney, but it was only big enough to sport 4 parallel parking spaces in front of the store...and does JCP really count for a 'shopping experience'? We only ever bought underwear there) The smell of Dillards takes me back to day long shopping trips with my mom that always included a smothered steak lunch at Frankies and a stop at the end of the day at Baskin Robbins to stuff as much of our booty as we could in one bag so it wouldn't look like we bought so much and a double decker for the trip home.

It's very hard for me to find gloves. First of all I have unusually large hands. How do I know this? Because almost every pair of ready made gloves in existance doesn't fit me. Apparently they sell well and therefor fit someone which would make my hands larger than, well..yours. (I also happen to know that my head is bigger than the mass populace. This was discovered in a millinery class in college. Don

Are you lost here? I'm so stinking mad. Blogger just ate 1/2 this post that took me 1/2 an hour to make. I swear I'm on my way to Wordpress any minute! I'll finish about my gloves later. Jeez.

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Mary Beth said...

Ohy Boy, are those ever cute! I'm a gloves freak too and I want Blogger to give you back your post!