Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back to the gloves

I'm finally back to the glove post. I must say, they've turned into a show stopper. "OMG, those gloves are divine! Where did you get them?" just seems to follow me down the street. Well, except for my one friend that said they looked like I skinned kermit the frog, but really, ptoeey on her, right?

Now it's off to find the perfect coat fabric to go with these. I sketched a darling coat that my flight attendant was wearing on our flight back home in December. Not the best sketch, I know, but in my defense I had sweaty sleeping kid on one arm and was trying to sketch little bits here and there as she came down the aisle without seeming like a crazed stalker in need of attention from the air marshal.

Her coat was in black wool. Really, not my style. Won't match kermit, either. I need a print that's not completely outrageous, but that is thick and durable enough to be an outer coat layer (thinking about lining it with minky swirl fur). I'm really considering going with a drapery fabric. I've been know to do this before (use drapery fabric for things that are not classified as "drapes"). Not Liesel VonTrapp, so just don't go there! I'll just know it when I see it. You'll be the first to know after that.

Wait, this was about gloves, right?

Did I say it was a sewing post? Maybe I should have more accurately said it was a sewing related post. Someone sewed them. It just wasn't me. I've been up to my eyeballs in camo around here.On this first picture, you can see there is a small piece (about 3/8 inch) between the glove piece and the back hand piece. This really adds to the fitted-ness of these gloves. They allow the hand to have a better ability to stretch the fabric as the fist closes than just one seam would.
On this picture you can see (well, you can see my little heart-breaker in the back...can you tell from this picture that his eyelashes touch his eyebrows?..., just ignore him for the moment) that there are individual pieces that make up the inner finger. These run up and down the inside of each finger with teeny-tiny-made-by-little-glove-fairy seams at the intersection and top of each finger.
Last of all, the most interesting part, the thumb piece. If I were to guess, I'd say there is a little cat's eye shaped dart between the thumb section and the inner glove section.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me and kermit. We'll give a shout out to miss piggy if she stops by. I'm off to work on Rachael's toille. You'll meet her next week.

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Diane said...

When I lived in Little Rock there were estate sales nearly every Friday. This was before vintage became so popular and stuff was cheap. I have a suitcase full of vintage gloves, some cotton, some leather but none of them GREEN!

Cute coat! I also shop in the home dec dept. JoAnn's had some rayon velvet patchwork that awaits inspiration but now I'm in "spring" mode (snowing as I type) and my brain is feasting on pink.

Most of us in Colorado are SICK of snow!!!!