Saturday, April 15, 2006

In a month

A month has gone by. We've been incredibly, unbelievably sick. Flu, strep, ear infections, bronchitis, possibly mono. Ugh. I thought we would never get healthy again.

This week I'm making a prom dress for a local girl who called me up last week and ask could I make her dress by April 22nd? It'll be a tight week. Rachel (pictures to follow later today) sent back her dress and needs a bit taken out at the hips. Shouldn't be too much fuss. I'm trying to get the girls a dress made for easter tomorrow, just a simple little sundress from the flamingo and kitty fabric grandma bought them at Mill Outlet.
I'd also like to get Navella's placemats done. If I get all this done, I'll have tons of pics by the end of the week!

Wish me luck.

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