Sunday, April 30, 2006

Arika's sarong, part 2

Yesterday I fit Arika's sarong, but completely forgot to take pictures. I'll continue the visual after her next fitting, in 3 weeks. Here is the result of our fitting session:

Things to be decided at the fitting:

1) how much fullness is really wanted at the neckline

The amount of gathering at the neck actually worked out extremely well. I will leave it as is.

2) line of bodice edge (going from neck, under arm, to back)

It actually followed the same line that is did on my dress form, very simple.

3)how short to make the bottom of the bodice (i.e. midriff showing, or not)

We decided it "bunched" up a bit too much and I will cut off about 3 inches

4)whether or not to finish the sides and bottom of the bodice together

I'm going to finish these separately, let the top sit on the dress form for a day or two and see if the chiffon layer stretches any differently than the under layer, but I'm fairly certain that we can leave them separate. They will both be pulled back to the "fake knot" closing in the back, so I don't think any drooping will occur.

5)width and length of sarong skirt and solve problem of bulky knot

The chiffon layer was definately too wide and I will be cutting about 10 inches off the width before finishing it. I think this will go a long way to solving the bulky knot problem. The turquoise layer was also about 6 inches too long. I cut both of these layers intentionally too big before the fitting so that we could determine exact measurements on the body. I find this to be a much better way of finding the end measurement. Often the client will make a different decision when seeing the actual fabric on herself than she would have with just discussing options.

6)edge finish technique, samples to be shown

Arika liked the roll hem my serger does and I will use that for almost all edges, matching colors of thread to fabric.

At the next fitting, most of the dress will be completed. The sarong will be cut to the size we determined in our first fitting and the edges will be finished. Arika will be able to see if it fits just as she wants.

The armhole edges and bottom edge of the top will be finished and we will be determining the placement of the gathers at back to put in the "S" hook swim suit fastener and placing the fake knot over that.

The casing size for the neck edge should be determined by e-mail once Arika has selected her beads for the necklace that will hold up the top. This will be completed if I have that information and we will see the effect with the necklace.


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