Monday, February 13, 2006

I make things. I make clothes…everything from mending holes in underwear to couture bridal gowns. I make crafts. I’m make scrapbooks of stuff my kids did 5 years ago. I make budgets. I make banana muffins out of all the yucky bananas nobody will eat. I make piles of laundry all over the house. I make babies. I make job charts. I apparently can make tomato plants grow (this has come as a complete shock both to me and to everyone who has previously come into contact with my vast and limitless abilities to kill all plants left in my care!). I make lists. I make money selling everything in our basement on E-bay. I knit and crochet all manner of things that can be made with yarn. I make decisions…both good and bad. I make sock puppets. I make a chocolate pound cake you would sell your grandma for.

This blog is a record of the things I make. How the process is going. Why I'm making it. Who it's for. Where I screwed up and had to backtrack. What the FO (finished object) looks like as well as shots of the UFO (un-finished object).

Enjoy. I do.

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Betty Boop said...

I, like you, like to do almost anything you can do with your hands. I wanted to make seat covers for my diningroom chairs. I projected a photo and paper taped to the french doors with sun shining through. I took it to a shop to get help. I asked for everything I needed to make this. She didn't give me even half what I needed. I didn't go back for supplies.